Karey Helms 1985

Interaction researcher, designer and technologist venturing to consider, question and invent our past, present and futures

Systems of Systems 2016

What is a product? And how do we design meaningful solutions with intangible interconnections?

Burrito 2016

What is a relationship? And how do we architect something ambiguous, emergent, and invisible?

AppGallery 2016

From inception to deployment, crafting an end-to-end enterprise ecosystem

Phygital Party Mode 2016

How might Internet of Things interactions translate across time and space?

Story of Me 2015

How can I make my personal journey an interactive reflection of my train of thought?

The Family Circuit 2014

What if you were required to produce all the energy you desire consume?

Energy of Things 2014

A near-future catalog of both real and speculative energy harvesting products, solutions and inspirations

Boost 2013

How might we reduce anxiety for children with cancer undergoing radiotherapy?

Sound Bowl 2013

How might we transform the everyday baking experience by reimagining a traditional mixing bowl?

Focus Shift 2013

Reimagining the future of mobility by blurring the transition between driving and riding through sound and memory

Split Flap 2013

An analog method of displaying dynamic digital information

Fabrika Split 2013

How might wearable displays impact our daily routines and societal relationships?

Toolkit Hackathon 2012

Prototyping a toolkit that allows anyone to design a physical object to be 3D printed

The Kennedy Center 2012

Creating better user experiences through technology for the busiest performing arts facility in the United States

Robotic Ecologies 2007

How might complex ecologies inspire and inform kinetic architecture?

Architecture Models 2007

Physical making as tool to understand, represent, experience and test abstract concepts



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