Knitting bras for lopsided breasts

While from the beginning of my lactating experience, the sizes of both breasts were constantly shifting, I noticed that within their dynamism, the left was generally larger than the right. I began to reflect upon what it means for them, me, or us to be full, to feel being filled, and to fill up space unevenly together. More practically, I began to knit bras for lopsided breasts that could account for our breastfeeding bodies as networked and entangled.

I have knitted two bras. The first is composed of three “measuring cups” and the second is a wrap configuration.

Publications & Creative Outputs

Karey Helms. 2021. Entangled Reflections on Designing with Leaky Breastfeeding Bodies. ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2021), Virtual Event. (Special Recognition for Diversity & Inclusion)
PDF, DOI, Video (10 min), Video (30 sec)