Seasonal craft implosions

This year-long project explores children’s relationships with nature through monthly activities from the book Året runt med Pettson och Findus (All year round with Pettson and Findus). Each of the suggested crafts and recipes will be realized by myself and family, in or nearby our home to situate engagement with local materials and ecologies. Additional friends and families will also be invited to participate. This project seeks to understand the ways in which nature investigations are oriented towards children, and the underlying values, temporalities, and relations that are foregrounded. This project is part of my Digital Futures postdoctoral research on Children and sustainability: Designing digital tools for collaborative survival.

Information for children and parents

Participation is optional. A child (and/or parent) can decide at any time to end their participation in an activity. This also includes retrospectively asking for any documentation that contains their participation to be removed from the data-set.

No preparation is necessary unless explicitly stated. Participation is intended to be convenient and meaningful for you and your family with the aim of “fitting into the lives of children”.

Documentation will focus on the process and outcomes of activities, not the felt experiences. It will be in the form of written notes, photos, and videos. Faces and other identifying features will not be recorded. Children and parents will not be formally interviewed, although written notes might contain reflections from comments and conversations about the book and activities.