Making design workbooks

Early in my PhD I began making design workbooks to collaboratively unpack definitions and implications of implicit interaction, based on the larger project within which my research is situated, and to explore design opportunities across a multidisciplinary academic team. Shown below, the first is a booklet of cards containing speculative abstracts that could be sorted, shuffled, and mingled as a way to deconstruct and reconstruct a design space; and the second is a collection of definitions, “real-world” examples, and speculative collages to unpack understandings of implicit interactions.


Karey Helms, Barry Brown, Magnus Sahlgren, and Airi Lampinen. 2018. Design Methods to Investigate User Experiences of Artificial Intelligence. AAAI 2018 Spring Symposium Technical Report (The Design of the User Experience for Artificial Intelligence), Stanford, California, USA.