Kinetic structures

Various physical models to understand, represent, test, and experience kinetic concepts. The first series of images is from the project Robotic Ecologies, within which my team explored how complex ecologies inspire and inform kinetic architecture. The second series of images are my own material and kinetic explorations. All models were made while studying at UVa School of Architecture.

Robotic Ecologies

This robotic prototype is of a transformative tower that reacts to environmental forces in the urban context. It operates on an optimization scheme in a constant negotiation with its context. This negotiation is through a multi-faceted skin that transforms figuratively and phenomenologically through a series of cam operators. Team: Howard Kim, Alex Kong, E. Scott Mitchell, and Ko Kuwabara.

Physical Explorations

My own material and kinetic explorations within various architectural project design briefs. All made without glue in a quest to investigate the crafting of operational and responsive connections.