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London JS Conference

Yesterday I attended the Autumn 2014 London JS Conference at The Royal Institution, a London based organization dedicated to science and also home to the Faraday Museum. I was lucky to score a free last minute ticket the day before through the London MeetUp chapter of Women Who Code, an organization I recently joined. The day featured a really great lineup, and for me at least, covered a diverse range of topics. The speakers were Domenic Denicola: The State of JavaScript, Sébastien Cevey: Server-less Applications, Vikki Read: Acceptance Testing, Paul King: Fun with the Command Line, Mathias Bynens: JavaScript *heart* Unicode, Nuno Job: A Take in Production NodeJS, and Martin Kleppe: Byte Shifting. And lots not forget The Royal Institution’s heated show following lunch, a thirty minute chemistry diversion featuring lots of fire, as seen below:

London JS Conf at The Royal Institution

I found the most compelling topics either referenced or discussed in detail during the day long event, to be:

  • johnny-five.js
  • Web Components
  • Terminal (for creating GIFs! and changing your IP)
  • JavaScript & Unicode
  • JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition

Parallax Scrolling Portfolio Redesign

Finally got around to a portfolio spruce up, transforming my former website homepage into a single page parallax scrolling website. Since my new homepage only features a small selection of my web and graphic design work (along with some projects from architecture school), I’ll hopefully be able to focus some time this spring on a slight continued redesign of my remaining portfolio work in its current location for potential freelance clients interested in seeing my full range of work.

My new homepage is created using lots of custom JavaScript to attain the parallax effect, layers moving at different speeds to give the illusion of depth. Some jQuery plugins I am also using are QueryLoader v2 as a preloader, jQuery Cycle Plugin for a simple fade slideshow, and Slides as an additional slideshow plugin for my physical architecture models.