Category: Exhibition

DIS 2017 – Poster Presentation of Leaky Objects

Last week at DIS 2017 in Edinburgh I presented a poster (pdf) for my work-in-progress Leaky Objects: Implicit Information, Unintentional Communication. Very thankful for the discussions and feedback!

Leaky Objects poster at DIS 2017 by Karey Helms

Leaky Objects poster by Karey Helms, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Volunteering with InMoov Robots for Good

This past weekend I spent most of Saturday volunteering at Somerset House for the InMoov Robots for Good project, and an open source 3D printed robot connecting children in hospitals with the London zoo via augmented reality. I personally find the project fascinating on so many levels – from open source robotics facilitated by Wevolver to the meaningful avatar application of technology – that I really wanted to take part. Not sure how much I helped, attempting to trouble shoot the Oculus Rift and tighten some knuckle joints, but I definitely enjoyed contributing and getting to know the Wevolver founders. Needless to say, I highly recommend stopping by or chipping in before the build is over!

Robots for Good robotic hand at Somerset House, photo by Karey Helms

And on a technical note, also check out MyRobotLab for an excellent open source Java service based framework for robotics (as well as plenty of community support).

MFA Thesis – UID Exhibition at Semcon

I was selected to exhibited and present my Interaction Design thesis project, The Family Circuit: A New Narrative of American Domesticity, with a group of other UID graduates for three days at Semcon in Göteborg, Sweden.

Umeå Interaction Design exhibition at Semcon by Karey Helms