Focus shift

Focus shift explores new ways of communicating external environmental conditions to a driver or passenger within an automotive interior. It investigates the relationship between people and autonomous cars, and explore methods of blurring the transition between driving and riding.

The project took place in 2013 at at Umeå Institute of Design with Ernst Hellby. The brief was in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen with the goal of creating a more cohesive magical experience within the future of engaging mobility.

For our working experiential prototype, my partner designed and fabricated the headrest model, and I designed and constructed the technological components and visual display. I built a custom LED matrix that uses a series of six shift registers to allow individual control over each LED. Within Processing I coded various patterns that were sent to the LED matrix to simulate potential information projected by the headrest to the driver’s peripheral vision. Based on extensive lo-fi prototype testing of different mediums and types of information, the matrix displays basic environmental conditions such as curve ahead, speed up and turn right.