Industry User Experience

A selection of projects from my experience working in industry as an Interaction and Service Designer.

Enterprise UX

As an Interaction and Service Designer at Zebra Technologies from 2015 through 2016, I specialized in crafting end-to-end enterprise ecosystems. Zebra specializes in enterprise data capture products, from barcode printers and scanners to rugged mobile computers, optimized for complex data-rich environments and harsh conditions. One such ecosystem was AppGallery: Zebra’s own digital application center, establishing an enterprise platform for certified development, distribution, deployment, and management of applications and devices that enables a future ecosystem of intelligent analytics and innovation solutions.

AppGallery is comprised of a website and Android application. As the Design Lead for AppGallery, I reimagined the user experience and redesigned the user interfaces for both products from the ground up. Team: Landon Essig (Product Manager), Ben Kennedy (UI Development), Rakesh Shetty.

The Kennedy Center

For The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC I worked as a part-time Interaction Designer & Front End Developer from 2011 to 2013. The primary projects I worked on were the lobby directional and educational interface and the Center’s first mobile website.

Directional Pylons

In conjunction with the renovation of The Kennedy Center’s Level A concourse, the center added six multimedia pylons with two screens on either side to provide directional and educational content. The Level A concourse does not have immediate access to any of the Kennedy Center’s theaters but is an important threshold in between the Hall of Nations and the Hall of States. My role as the Information Architect and Flash Programmer on the project was to work with an interactive designer, the head of the multimedia department, and database developer to structure and code the ActionScript and XML used in creating and displaying the content. Team: Ben Rosenfield & Regis Vogt (Hardware), Nick Van Brunt & Michael Gilman (.Net), Reñe Trujillo (Design).

user experience design for multimedia pylons by Karey Helms
user experience and interaction design by Karey Helms
information architecture and front-end development by Karey Helms
information architecture and front-end development by Karey Helms

Mobile Website

Located in Washington DC, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is the nation’s busiest performing arts facility. On the Kennedy Center’s full website, visitors can execute a wide range of web related tasks, including but not limited to find information on and history of the living memorial, buy tickets to upcoming performances, explore educational interactives, research the artist database, contribute monetarily, sign up to volunteer, take virtual tours, and apply for internships or employment.

The mobile website needed to have a more limited information architecture that addressed the most important core actions a mobile visitor would need to complete or The Kennedy Center would want them to complete. These content areas can be broken down into buying tickets through a performance finder, contributing, visiting, and accessing account information. They also cater to the three common types of mobile web visitors: the casual visitor (a tourist), the repeat visitor (a regular patron), and the urgent or now visitor (a ticket holder looking for directions or parking). Team: Joe Dickerson (Back-end Development).

mobile website design and development by Karey Helms