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Sound Design

Earlier this semester, Interaction Design first year masters students worked with the Advanced Product Design first year masters students on a two week sound design project. The basis of the brief was to pick an existing product that has either no or little sound design properties and redesign the product with a focus on sound while also evaluating and redesigning form and light aspects.

Within my group of four (3 IxD’ers and 1 APD), we designed an interactive mixing bowl that aims to create a playful and positive educational baking experience through de-emphasizing the focus of accuracy, and reinterpreting the measurement and relationship of ingredients via real-time sound and light feedback.

More details will be given later this spring once I update, both in content and design, my portfolio, but for now you can view process videos of our working prototype below.

Sound Bowl – Process Video 1 from Karey Helms on Vimeo.

Sound Bowl – Process Video 2 from Karey Helms on Vimeo.

Sound Bowl – Process Video 3 from Karey Helms on Vimeo.

OzCHI 24 Hour Student Design Competition Winners

Very behind on my blogging and forgot to post last fall that team Lagom won the OzCHI 24 hour design competition!

Check out the winner’s list here:

Ozchi 24 Hour Student Design Challenge

usTiime by Lagom from Karey Helms on Vimeo.

This past weekend I did the Ozchi 24 hour student design challenge competition. Above is our submission. Information regarding our process and final solution available on our team blog.

Team Lagom

Celebrating post project submission!